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Our forensic process was created in response to insurance companies frequently denying valid damage claims. AMSI is the sole commercial roofing company in Texas that can help when your insurance provider falls short in identifying significant damage or denies your claim entirely.

When other roofing companies fail to demonstrate damage to your commercial property roof, AMSI partners with a seasoned team of experts, including engineers, forensic labs, and attorneys with extensive expertise in forensic roof analysis. This results in approved claims from insurance companies.

AMSI’s CEO, Charles Goss, noticed a trend of denied insurance claims for properties with obvious damage. With over 30 years of experience in roofing, Charles shifted from residential to commercial roofing upon realizing the challenge in getting commercial property claims approved.

He dedicated years to acquiring the expertise needed to demonstrate non-visible damage on commercial properties. This realization stemmed from the additional property damage and expenses commercial property owners faced due to these denied claims.

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