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Pre-Purchase Inspections and Denied or NO Damage Claims

If you’ve been informed that there’s no visible damage and your claim has been denied, AMSI employs our thorough forensic approach to collect the supporting evidence needed to have your claim reassessed, leading to approval and payment from your insurance carrier.

Commercial Roofing Repairs

AMSI offers roof leak detection and repair services, including 24-hour emergency repairs.


AMSI installs all types of modern roofing systems and will advise the best system for your specific project. Modern Roofing Types: TPO, Metal, Modified Bitumen, EPDM, PVC and Built up roofing. We use the same forensic methods to detect and locate leaks on your commercial property.

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Property Weather Tracking

AMSI provides a complementary service to property owners and managers which tracks severe weather events in the vicinity of the property location. AMSI will notify the designated contact of possible weather-related damage to the submitted commercial property.

New Construction

AMSI collaborates with owners and contractors to bid and install all types of commercial roofing systems, working within customer’s plans and specifications.

General Contracting/Reconstruction Services

AMSI specializes in installing a variety of modern roofing systems and can recommend the best system for your project. Our expertise covers TPO, Metal, Modified Bitumen, EPDM, PVC, and Built-up roofing. We apply the same meticulous forensic methods to detect and pinpoint leaks on your commercial property.

Complementary Damage Assessment

AMSI offers a complimentary roof inspection for property owners to assess damage and provide necessary support documentation.

Roof maintenance

AMSI collaborates with you or your property management company to conduct annual or bi-annual roof inspections, ensuring your property’s roofing system remains in optimal condition. We also provide photo documentation of the roofing system to help validate any potential future damage, a requirement that insurance carriers now often mandate.

Exterior Updating/Renovations

AMSI offers a design team to help modernize older commercial property exteriors. Whether it’s selecting updated paint colors, making changes to the façade, refacing, or undertaking total renovations, we can bring your building up to date. Our goal is to make an old commercial property appear newly constructed.

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